Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Entering the Final Stages

Don't get me wrong; I've have so much that I still need to do. I still need to talk with the other high school in my city and my principal. Although, I'm not certain about what I will need to suggest to my principal about spreading the word of my project. I still need to have a brainstorm session about that. I also need to create "bundles" of all the materials and documents for the student I have asked to step up next year, the principal at Austinville Elementary, my Spanish teacher/ Spanish Honor Society sponsor, and the teacher at the other high school. I plan on including sign up sheets, data from surveys and test scores, my curriculum guide, flashcards, the reference cards, and a letter to the selected party about why I did this project. I plan to explain my goal and the benefits of this sort of project. I also have plenty of days of tutoring left. I hope that I can get the post surveys turned in soon. I sent them home with the kids yesterday morning. I did have slight trouble getting the pre surveys turned back in. However, I fixed that situation with provided some school supply prizes if they turned them in. I bought some notebooks, mechanical pencils, and stickers. This fixed the problem almost immediately. I suddenly started receiving 3 or 4 surveys each morning. It made me laugh a little. I love these kids. They make my day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It will be sad on the last day that we tutor. One of the 5th graders that I have tutored on a somewhat regular basis invited me to the 5th grade graduation in May. I'm definitely going to go and take some of the other tutors that tutor the 5th graders too. I'm also thinking about getting those tutors and myself to write letter to them. Since they will be going into middle school next year, I thought that they might be needing some encouragement and advice.

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